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Monthly News Letter

March 2017--What have i been doing?

Well Hello Out there !!!! long time since I blogged. So what have i been up to for all this time. I have been very busy. I have joined a networking group which is brilliant ,I have met some amazing people all with a passion for their businesses. there is a Plumber,builder ,Photographer, architect,accountant,sports therapist,mechanic god and so many more quality companies.one of them being a charity helping individuals to live independently. they are called Ruils and are based in Teddington, a
fantastic charity.

December 2014 News

Well its been nearly a year that we set up the ARTBOXuk in Whitton. I cannot believe that it has been that long already. I would like to say a big thank-you to all the artists that have showcased this year in the gallery,and a really bigger one to those artists who have given their time to help in some form or other be it looking after the gallery ,window displays or running workshops. Then a huge thank-you to Terry for his support and accepting the 12 hour shifts I spend at the workshops.Without us as a team we wouldn't be so successful.

September News

Hello, Everyone, its been ages since I had the time to write something, we have been busy with workshops and commissions and its all getting on great. The summer brought us lots of new students and we had our best month of workshops in August. Now that the schools are back ,parents are booking in for some well earn't 
de-stressing  own-time... Lots of young students are taking advantage of developing their skills as they are now starting their coursework for GCSE's and A levels.Also we are now getting noticed and lots from good word of mouth.

June update

Well summer is here at last and The passing community are looking up and around instead of hiding from the wind and rain. Lots of passing trade and lots of the local community joining the workshops. and loving them....We have had wonderful reviews from them - the quality of teaching and variety of the art and craft disciplines.
Half term went by so quickly we hardly have had time to change the window displays.
The Next venture for us is on Saturday when we are helping to host a Tea pARTy for the charity  'United Response'  This is a charity that supports People in the community who have learning difficulties.


Hello everyone ,
Thank-you all for your lovely messages i really enjoy reading them - Don't forget to suggest any ideas you might have to help us get even better.
April has started with some better weather and has brought the community out into the High Street and -hence they are starting to notice us (even though we have been here now for 12 weeks) The response s to the project we are offering is just getting better and better we have increased the numbers joining and inquiring about workshops .

Mid February News

Its now February 13th,  - When will it be summer and sunny and warm ,its still cold and wetter than ever. I think twice about braving the weather and patio going down to the studio, Although I always get down there eventually. I made some lovely heart dishes with roses and don't faint 'NO BUTTERFLIES' on them. It was just too much with some on them Ill up load them when they are finished. I also finished some commissions of door plates. I must finish my dragon ,I started it months ago with every thing that has happened in the ARTBOXuk Gallery and workshop there just hasn't been the time.

February News

February is here !!!!!!!!!! cold , windy, and humm well a bit depressing - I see people walking passed the gallery with their heads hung low, rushing to get out of the horrid weather. They sometimes shelter in the doorway I don't blame them I would too.But the daysAREgetting longer.
What they all should do is come and take advantage of our

Waco News

Well Hello everyone,
We are into the new year with the WACO / ARTBOXuk SHOP and have put new displays in both windows, Pop in and take look - tell us what you think. We would love to hear your views.
The Workshops start this week coming - we have Learning or improving your sewing on Tuesday 7th Jan, Pottery (slab building on Thursday 9th Jan, Making your own Tarot Cards or Rune Stones on Tuesday 14th ( then learn how to use them in another workshop later on) Coming up are work-shops for Drawing , Card- making, Beading and en-caustic (wax) painting and many more. Please look on the website  (Waco workshops) for dates and more info - or pop into the shop and have a chat.

December News

Hello Everyone, well it is December and my life has gone mad. Not only am I enjoying the supply teaching at a lovely local school with some gorgeous little ones from reception and nursery,
                 We have finally acquired the shop in Whitton.
We are working hard to set it up and hope to be opening on Tuesday next week

November News

Well Its nearly The Christmas month of December. and we are all I expect looking for those unique gifts for family and friends. I had a lovely surprise this morning !!!!!
The ARTBOXuk has now acquired the shop in Whitton at last. We hopefully will be able to move in next week. So I am looking for Local artists (MUST BE LOCAL)to form a co-operative and share the space to exhibit and sell their own handmade/painted crafts - What will it will be called  -WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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Monthly News Letter
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